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How can I check if my CPU is AMD64 compatible?

I am currently under Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32-bit because when I upgraded to Ubuntu 12.10 it was horrifically slow and crashed after 10 minutes of use by freezing.

I would like to know, from a ubuntu command or menu, if my computer is compatible with Ubuntu 12.10 64-bit. Also, do you think that upgrading will resolve my problem or does it come from something else?

Thanks, mjchopperboy

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If you are uncertain, there is no harm in trying the 64-bit version. If your machine turns out to be 32-bit only, the installer will simply fail right at the beginning while letting you know that you have the wrong version of the kernel.

  1. Try installing 64-bit version.

  2. If it fails, install 32-bit version. No harm done.

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