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I've just upgraded my computer hardware(cpu + motherboard + graphic card + memory + hard disk), so that install a new OS is needed. I tried to download debian-6.0.6-amd64-netinst.iso with wget command but the speed is so slow that I could not bear. 4Kb/s ~ 17 Kb/s, slow like a running turtle, or even more slower if I use Chrome.

I've read the help information of wget, it seems like there are no options could make it more faster.

Is there anyway to make wget faster? Or is it possible to make it multi-threading download?

PS: my bandwidth is 4M. I use this command:

wget -c url

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Why not try axel? It is a fully fledged Command line based Downloader.

Install axel and spawn download by

axel -a -n [Num_of_Thread] link1 link2 link3 ...

where '[Num_of_Thread]' is the number of parallel connections to create for each link you want to download.

-a just show an improved progress bar.

Unlike many other download managers, Axel downloads all the data directly to the destination file, using one single thread. This saves some time at the end because the program doesn't have to concatenate all the downloaded parts.

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