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I was running Ubuntu 12.04 w/ VirtualBox installed. I was using the NAT interface to connect to everything. Basically running VBOX for testing some things and a Windows VM for Netflix..
Was back to working in my VMs today and noticed that I was unable to connect to the internet. In the VM settings I'm using the NAT adapter, however I noticed there is no NAT adapter in the Network Settings under Preferences in VBOX.

Not quite sure what happened but wonder what is going on?

I noticed there are some posts about changes DNSMASQ and configuring a bridge mode, but this worked out of the box under 12.04 and since the upgrade this no longers work.

Need some help please

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Known bug of (K)Ubuntu 12.10.
Try the following two command lines :

VBoxManage modifyvm "name" --natdnshostresolver1 on
VBoxManage modifyvm "name" --natdnsproxy1 on

if that does not work, install virtual box 4.2 :

Uninstall virtualbox from your computer

sudo apt-get remove virtualbox

also uninstall the guest-addition iso as the 4.2 version contains a new one :

sudo apt-get remove virtualbox-guest-additions-iso

Download and install virtual box 4.2

echo "deb $(lsb_release -sc) contrib" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/virtualbox.list
wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install virtualbox-4.2

When running virtualbox the first time it will ask you to update guest-addition module with the one downloaded.

Enjoy !

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