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I used to create new blank files in Nautilus (Files) using the right click context menu. It really saved me a lot of time. Since Nautilus 3.6, there is no such entry.

Is there a way to create a new blank file in Nautilus 3.6 and above?

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Well, I filled a bug report on bugzilla.gnome.org and I feel stupid now... This feature still exists.

The solution is to create a blank file named for instance new inside the ~/Templates/ folder of your home directory.

On non-English installations, the templates directory might have another name. One can find the actual directory with xdg-user-dir TEMPLATES.

Creation of a new template file

If you're still facing the problem, Check the file in ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs if XDG_TEMPLATES_DIR variable is set correctly. If it is set to $HOME/ instead of $HOME/Templates/, correct and save that file.

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