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I am using Ubuntu 12.10 with Unity desktop. I go to TTY1 by pressing keys CTRL + ALT + F1, where I am asked to enter username and password, which I do, but I get the message "Login incorrect". In my log file /var/log/auth.log this entry has been made:

Oct 23 13:17:45 SomeName login[3361]: FAILED LOGIN (1) on 'dev/tty1' FOR 'aUser', Authentication failure

I do not have the wrong username or password. It is the same username/password I use to log in when Unity starts.

So how come I can't log in to TTY1?

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Perhaps your keymap configuration is wrong fo the tty (which is a different setting than Xorg / Unity) and your password is wrong because of this. Try entering your password when you're prompted for your username and see if the characters turn out right; don't press enter, but delete your input (since login tries get logged and your password would be in that logfile). If something is wrong, you must set the keymap. In unity, open the terminal application and enter

sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup

and choose the right layout there. You might have to reboot.

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