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I am modifying a simple BASH script to remove numbers and hyphens from the start of my MP3 files. The aim is to rename files such as:

  • 11 Song 1.mp3

  • 1-1-Song 2.mp3

  • 11-1 Song 3.mp3


  • Song 1.mp3

  • Song 2.mp3

  • Song 3.mp3

I have this script which works for all the files in the current directory

$ for f in [0-9]*; do mv "$f" "`echo $f | sed 's/^[0-9]*W*//'`"; done

and have modified it to look for all files inside subfolders:



for f in $(find $dir * -type f) ; do
mv "$f" "`echo $f | sed 's/^[0-9]*W*//'`";

The problem is that the $f value returns the subfolder and the filename and the mv line looks for files beginning with [0-9], therefore any files within a subfolder are not being renamed.

E.g. The file mp3/1-1 Song 1.mp3 begins mp3/, does not start with a numeric so it's not renamed.

Is there a way I can read the directory and file values into separate variables or is there a better way of doing this?


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find & sed:
I would ask you to first remove the pipe and sh at the end, and see whether the mv command is getting generated properly, and then you can run the command as such:

find $dir -type f | sed 's|(.*/)[^A-Z]*([A-Z].*)|mv "&" "12"|' | sh

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