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I'm fairly new to Ubuntu (or Linux for that matter) so please bear with me. I just installed Ubuntu a day or so ago and went looking for an MMO for it. I am using Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit and I downloaded Regnum Online from this page.

Fast forward to me who just finished downloading the 700mb or so file, when I double clicked on it, it said:

Could not display "/home/myname/Downloads/ROInstall_32".

There is no application installed for executable files.
Do you want to search for an application to open this file?
[ NO ] [ YES ]

Clicking Yes, it scanned for a few moments then came up with PyPar2 so I installed it. After installing PyPar2, I ran it again but I had the feeling I was being whisked further and further away from my goal which is simply to install the game onto my system.

PyPar2 was talking about protection and whatnot so I decided to just quit it and post here and ask for help.

For clarification, yes, I downloaded the Linux version and the download link looked like this.
enter image description here

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It looks like a permissions issue. Right-click the file, and go to properties.

Go to the permissions tab, and check the checkbox to allow executing this file as a program. Click Close. Try to open it again.

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