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In PyGI (GTK3), how can I make a GtkEntry widget appear against the same background applied (by the user's theme) to the primary toolbar. I tried adding the same style class like this:


but that class doesn't seem to be observed on a widget that isn't a GtkToolbar. So how can I cue the user's theme to apply the same styles behind a GtkEntry widget?

(If it matters, I have the GtkEntry in the first cell of a GtkHBox container. But even when I apply a fixed gradient to that HBox the whole cell holding the GtkEntry seems to mask out the background of the HBox with a flat background colour.)


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It is called primary-toolbar style because it should be applied only to primary toolbar.

In Gtk, toolbars by default can hold only ToolButtons, but there is the ToolItem class, which does not have a visual represntation.

That is created because it can embed other widgets.
ToolItem has add method which you can use like :

where my_box contains your entry

Then you can add your tool item to toolbar

Your toolbar of course has called :

The reason why you cannot use "primary-toolbar" with non Toolbar widgets is most probably because in .css files it is defined like :



/* style info*/


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