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I am trying to convert several thousand documents from LWP (Lotus Word Pro) to DOC. When the converting process gets to around 250 (To 229 in some cases, 248 in others, 245, etc.. It gets near 250) documents converted it just quits.

The terminal lines I am using to convert this are:

soffice --headless --convert-to doc --outdir /home/cyrex/work/biopsias/2007 *.lwp


libreoffice --headless --convert-to doc --outdir /home/cyrex/work/biopsias/2007 *.lwp

both work but only get to around 250. I have 60K documents to convert and doing them 200 at a time would take A LOT of time.

Converting them to ODT also has the same problem.

I have LibreOffice version 3.5

UPDATE: I have checked to see if the 229 file was the cause. I have also checked if the following or the previous file were the cause. Negative. I even deleted the previous 20 files before the 250 barrier and the 20 after it. Same problem. I also opened the 229 file, the 228 file and the 230 file with LibreOffice with no problem. It just fails randomly before the 250.

UPDATE2: Tried with another completely different group of files, this time, DOC. Again it gets up to less than ~250. Just in case it matters I have the following hardware:

CPU - Core i7 2600



MOBO: Intel DZ68DB

OS: Ubuntu 32 Bit

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I did the following but will not mark it as an answer. This only solves doing the whole conversion. The problem still exists. It grabbed an idea from the answer by Bjoern Michaelsen (+1 to you friend).

I made a simple "convert" file with this in it:

for F in `find /home/cyrex/Desktop/mom/$1 -type f -name "*.lwp"`
soffice --headless --convert-to doc --outdir /home/cyrex/work/$2 $F

It just grabs 2 variables, the one where I am getting the documents from and the one where I am sending them to. Something like:

./convert inmuno/vph/2007-2009/2007 vph/2007

this would grab everything in /home/cyrex/Desktop/mom/inmuno/vph/2007-2009/2007, convert that to DOC and then send it to /home/cyrex/work/vph/2007.

Like I said, is a half baked answer, might help somebody else until a proper answer comes out using only the libreoffice/soffice command.

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