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Using SSH in a GNOME terminal is fine. But I want to use it in a Unity window (the location text field, ctrl+l).

I need to refer to my .PEM x509 certificate for security reasons to connect to my Amazon aws EC2 server instance, by using the -i argument that I use in the terminal command.

In the terminal it looks like something like this: sudo ssh -i mykp.pem [email protected]

GUI window: ssh://[email protected].....???

Thanks in advance for any help!

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There is no magic ssh:// pseudo-protocol as you suggest, which will open an SSH session. (although Nautilus does support ssh://user@host as a shortcut for SFTP). You can useAlt+F2 to get the graphical "Run" command box, but IIRC even that won't automatically bring up a terminal for ssh, etc.

Your best option might be to create a launcher (.desktop) with the full ssh command-line (as is), and set the "Terminal" property to "true". Call it "SSH-EC2" or something and you should then be able to start it directly from the HUD/Dash (gnome-terminal will automatically open and close when your SSH session ends)

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