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I am using Ubuntu 12.04 and am unable to find where I install software using apt-get. In the dash if I type eclipse or the name of the software it appears, But I am unable to right click on it and open the folder location. Does anyone know how to find where exactly a particular software is installed using the dash. Also is it possible to set a software to be installed to a particular location when using the apt-get.

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I fear it is not possible to do that from the dash. If you want to know where the executable path is, you can use the which command:

which eclipse

But this will probably point to some "bin" directory, and not to the directory containing the data. That's because software components are not installed in a single directory, but across many folders. Binaries stay in /usr/bin/, /bin, /sbin, etc depending on their use. Configuration in /etc, data in /usr/share, etcetera.
Refer to this document about Filesystem Hierarchy Standard and the reason while you usually don't have a single-folder installation. As apt follows FHS, as far as I know it is not possible to force it to install in different location.

So about where is eclipse installed, it depends on which part of eclipse you are searching for. A common need is to install plugins, which are stored under: /usr/lib/eclipse/plugins. I usually prefer the integrated plugin manager, anyway.

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