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Frequently, there are some things we need to do, tweak system settings, execute some processes, however even on Ubuntu, sometimes there isn't a GUI to perform such tasks, which is why we come to places like Ubuntu forum, askubuntu or even search on Google.

Then someone provides us a terminal command that allows us to do whatever we need at that moment to solve a certain problem. So I see that learning the language behind Linux can be extremely useful. But all I've been doing so far is to execute the commands, sometimes I don't even understand what I'm doing while executing them, I am just following instructions from someone else.

I would like to understand more about Linux in general and Ubuntu in particular, I don't want to master Linux or run everything on terminal, I like Ubuntu just fine for modern PC's, user-centric and graphical, but I just would like to know the basics and at least to be able to understand what a certain command is going to do on the system.

What is the best way to do this?

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  1. Linux in a nutshell is said to be a good book for Linux commands. You can see that book. (I admit that I did not completely read the book, but seems to me good for commands, See below comment from an actual reader)

  2. An online directory of useful Linux commands can also help you a lot

  3. I found the book Ubuntu Linux Bible extremely helpful and a friendly introduction to Ubuntu. It is by "William von Hagen".

  4. You can browse the Linux manual pages in a web-browser by installing man2html.

    sudo apt-get install man2html

  5. You can browse the GNU info pages by typing info following the command name in a terminal. The Graphical Way to do the same thing requires info2www package. Install it with sudo apt-get install info2www.

    (These are more helpful, and I highly recommend these to understand the Linux Commands, such as sed, grep and others)

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