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I have a subtitle file that is about 3 to 4 seconds behind. What tools can I use to automatically move all the times in the subtitle file so they are correct with the time of the movie? Something that I can for example just add the time I want to add and it will add this time to the synced times in the subtitle files without having to edit each line individually.

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I'm surprised no one mentioned this:

gnome-subtitles Install gnome-subtitles

It has impressive features, it's extremely easy to use and very well-polished. A lot of care and detail in its UI (check the char count in each line).

I use it all the time to shift subtitle timings to/from HDTV to BDRip/DVDRip releases.


Side-note: VLC player has on-the-fly subtitle timing shift. It will not change your .srt file, only the playback, but it's very convenient for movies you'll only watch once and don't care about saving the adjustments. I assign them to UP and DOWN directional keys.

Extra info (which was hard to figure out): To shift multiple subtitles back or forward together, select the subtitles and use the menu option Timings > Adjust. Now you can adjust the timing of the first and last subtitles you've selected, and all the selected subtitles will get shifted by the number of seconds you choose.

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