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At Present Which is the best choice for a Ubuntu graphics card, AMD or nVidia?

This is more of a generic question, call it a pool of issues vs stability in Ubuntu world.
I am currently using an ATI HD video card. Although I got quite proficient in installing and dealing with ATI driver issues, I don't know anything about NVidia's problems or issues.

Looking through askUbuntu quite a lot, I see a lot of problems generated by the ATI video cards, and in comparison, I hardly see posts related to NVidia cards. Are the drivers for the latter so good that everything runs out of the box?

So, to keep it short, if I would to change my system now, should I go for an NVidia video card or should I stick to my ATI?

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I have both, and they both work fine.

Bonuses with ATI -

Better opencl performance

Cheaper for more stream processing units

More development in the open drivers

Bonuses with nvidia -

They have a mature freebsd binary driver(probably not relevant for you)

Generally more stable for the time being

If you dual boot, they have less issues with windows gaming if you have a multi-gpu card

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