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I usually download my torrents at night, while I'm sleeping. But when doing so, Ubuntu loads the entire desktop interface, while I only need the torrent client. I would like to use an energy saving way of downloading torrents to make my power usage go down.

I know that transmission-cli can download torrents in a command line. Such a thing might be the solution, but with tranmission-cli, I have to include the torrent's URL to get it running, e.g. transmission-cli

That's not what I want. If a command line interface (CLI) torrent client would be the best way to save power, I want it to import the active torrents from the GUI, including the parts that are already downloaded.

Is there any way to get this done?

I've got Transmission and Deluge already installed, so if it could be done with one of these torrent clients, it would be nice.


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This is possible with Deluge:

Firstly go to tty1 by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F1and run sudo killall Xorg

Run this:
sudo apt get install deluge-console deluged

Use this command to connect with deluge

use resume * to resume all downloads and halt to pause them

Use the following commands to control the other parts of Deluge

  • add Add a torrent

  • config Show and set configuration values

  • connect Connect to a new deluge server.

  • debug Enable and disable debugging

  • del Remove a torrent

  • exit Exit from the client.

  • halt Shutdown the deluge server.

  • help displays help on other commands

  • info Show information about the torrents

  • pause Pause a torrent

  • quit Exit from the client.

  • resume Resume a torrent

  • rm Remove a torrent


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