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What i´ve learnt is, it´s not a good idea to buy new hardware and use Linux because of less support from the producers.

Machine: lenovoZ570, i7 x64,8GB, 700GB, Nvidia Optimus+Intel, 1366x768, win7+11.10 ubuntu+kubuntu. Until now nvidia isn't installed or used.

Some problems, which may be related to each other:

- kubuntu left after update a nonworking package-manager(problems with nouveau)
- Celestia starts and vanishes into nirvana(no 3d?)
- usb-livestick shows non readable screen( pixel don´t fit together)
- partedmagic6.7 has icons which freeze but don´t work
- two grub2, one inactive on the ubuntu partition and one at MBR really on kubuntu
- during kubuntu menu config one point is "science" but despite show hidden it´s not
to see

Since 3 weeks I've been trying to get a running machine and I don't like the fact that is sometimes not booting, gives me black screens and freezing (it is cold enough outside). I know, that my wishes are not standard and I could find a solution by reading several sites for cryptical commands and how to run them on a terminal, but I wanted only a secure and stable runnig machine, not 6 weeks of frustration.

I have learnt that switcheroo doesn't work with optimus, but Bumblebee 3.0 should work.

Is it a good idea to try this or will it create more problems?

So, heavy stuff, hope somebody understands my German English and prevents any more frustration on my side. Thanks in advance.

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It's an Lenovo Ideapad Z570 that is reported to work with the recently released Bumblebee 3.0. If you think your installation is still find, I would follow the installation instructions for Bumblebee 3.0, including the cleanup script that will make sure any other related packages are cleaned up before installation of bumblebee.

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