Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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The problem is, I have used Ubuntu from 6.10 upto 11.10. And upto 11.04 I used my same USB 3G dongle to connect to broadband and it worked fine. But 2 days ago I upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10 and broadband is not working. It detects my dongle and creates a connection without a problem, but when connecting it just keeps on and on for a long time and then say I'm offline. So I did a clean install and the same thing occurred.

But I also have a netbook and its got Ubuntu 11.10. I tried using the same dongle for internet on that netbook and it worked fine without any issues. But this isn't a problem with my USB port on my main machine or something like that because I'm also using Windows on my main machine (dual-boot) and its working fine.

My hardware:

  • Main computer (one that I'm trying to connect):

    • 2.8GHz dual core Intel

    • 2GB RAM

    • 500GB Sata II HDD

    • 384MB Video Memory (Intel G31/G33 chipset)

    • Ubuntu 11.10 (32bit)

  • My NetBook (broadband working fine):

    • 1.6GHz Intel Atom (dual core)

    • 1GB DDR3 RAM

    • 250GB HDD

    • 128MB Video Memory (Intel something-I-can't-remember)

    • Ubuntu 11.10 (32bit)

My dongle is a Huawei E220 and ISP is Dialog GSM (I'm in Sri Lanka)

So any idea why this is? I really love Ubuntu and this is bugging me off.. Any help greatly appreciated.


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I was experiencing this problem for my E220 on Ubuntu 11.10 and 12.04 as well. It works sometimes and sometimes the "just keeps on and on for a long time and then say I'm offline" thing happens. So to connect I have to do things like unplugging and re plugging the dongle, restarting the machine etc.

But now Huawei offers a Linux version of its Mobile Partner software. I found this software with a new E303 which I bought from Mobitel. I installed this software on my computer and this Mobile Partner detects the E220 dongle as well. It works fine and even allows SMS and all the data monitoring facilities.

So, my suggestion to you is to install the Linux version of Mobile Partner which comes with new dongles. Please be careful about the Linux versions of the Mobile Partner which are available online. Some people have complained that the installation changed their configuration files and couldn't connect to internet afterwords. So use the software which comes in a new dongle.

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