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I have an old laptop with a broken hard drive controller and am running the previous ubuntu from a usb. I installed this as per standard instructions by running some program that copied the live cd to the usb.

This has had a few problems, it seems like it was just made for trying and not for everyday use. Ideally I would like to do a proper install to the usb disk instead of just running off the installer disk. Is there a way to do this?

The main problems I have are:

  • When adding mounts to fstab it gets overwritten on each reboot

  • When installing updates the kernel cannot be updated

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I had to do this a while back when my netbook's hard drive crashed. I used to USB drives. One USB drive I used to boot into Ubuntu's live 'CD' trial environment. In that session, I formatted the other flash drive (EXT4) and installed Ubuntu to it using the standard installer. There are other ways, but that's what I did. GRUB was installed to flash drive and kernel updates were fine.

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