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I was happy to find the X Updates PPA as it has made installing newer nVidia drivers much easier. Without using the PPA, I found that the driver installed using the restricted drivers GUI often 'killed' systems with newer nVidia cards. Now it's just a matter of adding the X Updates PPA, updating installed packages then installing the restricted nVidia driver.

Unfortunately it looks like the fglrx-installer in the X-Updates PPA is nearly a year old and I'm a bit leary of using it on newer AMD gear like the Fusion APUs. Is there a repo I can add to easily install those drivers as well? The command line package building is a bit tedious and if there's a PPA that would make the Restricted Driver GUI usable for most ATI & nVidia hardware and it make things much easier.

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I couldn't locate a PPA for proprietary drivers, but this PPA for updated open source drivers seems to work better than the stock drivers for me:

Updated and Optimized Graphics Drivers

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