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I've read this Q&A and I'm ready to try it with Xubuntu. That is, I'll go from Ubuntu to Xubuntu.

At this moment, my laptop is slow, even after the various optimizations. My question is whether this is the correct way to proceed.

sudo apt-get upgrade           # upgrade all existing packages to newest version
sudo do-release-upgrade # upgrade system (takes some hours)

sudo apt-get xubuntu-desktop # switch to Gnome on login

Remove the ubuntu-desktop package (Which command should I use?)

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Sort of, there's a typo (you need install in your installation line). You also don't need to remove ubuntu-desktop and I certainly wouldn't do this until you're happy with what you've got. Here's what I would do:

  1. Install Xubuntu task

    sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop^

  2. Log out, log back in, selecting Xubuntu/Xfce as my interface

  3. Chill out for a few days. See that things still work. There will be too many applications (eg there will be both GNOME's and Xfce's default applications available but you want to make sure you'll have everything you need when you remove GNOME/Unity/Whatever.

  4. Clean up.

    sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop
    sudo apt-get autoremove # removes dependencies of ubuntu-desktop

Note: we need to install Xubuntu task (xubuntu-desktop^) to avoid bug 1754872 with meta-package.

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