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I am on Ubuntu and I have forgotten the password for my Gnome Keyring (yes, stupid me, I know). Any way I can get it back? I have already looked at this link, but it says it's not possible if my home directory is encrypted and unfortunately my home directory is encrypted.

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Resetting everything (delete all passwords and start new keyring):

rm ~/.local/share/keyrings/login.keyring

Then, log out and log back in. Ubuntu will automatically create a new login.keyring for you.


Navigate to Places > Home. Press Ctrl + H to view "hidden files". Navigate to .local > share > keyrings and delete login.keyring

Using the same keyring (resetting keyring password but keeping old passwords in keyring):

  1. Make a backup of the keyring

     cd ~/.local/share/keyrings/
    cp login.keyring login.keyring.backup

and after that delete login.keyring file

    rm ~/.local/share/keyrings/login.keyring

  1. Create a new keyring file from Gnome Keyring with the name login

  2. Replace the new keyring file with the backup of the old keyring file

     cd ~/.local/share/keyrings/
    mv login.keyring.backup login.keyring

Note: before Ubuntu 12.10 the path to the keyrings folder was ~/.gnome2/keyrings/ instead of ~/.local/share/keyrings/.

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