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I plan to change OS on my other PC from Windows XP to Ubuntu and want to have access to it.

Basically please imagine two PCs, each running Ubuntu 11.04 and connected together with twisted cable (Ethernet).

I want to be able to access filesystems in both directions (from either PC to other) in the easiest possible way.

update: I just installed Ubuntu (decided to dual-boot as first), and the process went flawlessly, Gparted resized partions with ease and overall everything was smooth, which I did not expect when computer tasks are in question.

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Connect the 2 pcs directly using a cross network cable and use the ifconfig command to assign the fixed addresses between the pcs.


ifconfig eth0 netmask broadcast

for pc1, and

ifconfig eth0 netmask broadcast

for pc 2, where eth0 is your network interface name (check ifconfig -a for all your interfaces).

Use ping to see if you have connection between pcs: from pc1 > ping, from pc2 > ping

If you can ping you can connect, the use of NFS is really simple and fast to use, check it here: Ubuntu NFS howto

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