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Bzip2 and gzip only use one core, although many computers have more than one core. But there are programs like lbzip2, pbzip2 and pigz, which use all available cores and promise to be compatible with bzip2 and gzip.

So what's the best way to use these programs by default, so that tar cfa file.tar.bz2 directory uses lbzip2/pbzip2 instead of bzip2? Of course I don't want to break anything.

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You can symlink bzip2, bunzip2 and bzcat to lbzip2, and gzip, gunzip, gzcat and zcat to pigz:

sudo apt-get install lbzip2 pigz
cd /usr/local/bin
ln -s /usr/bin/lbzip2 bzip2
ln -s /usr/bin/lbzip2 bunzip2
ln -s /usr/bin/lbzip2 bzcat
ln -s /usr/bin/pigz gzip
ln -s /usr/bin/pigz gunzip
ln -s /usr/bin/pigz gzcat
ln -s /usr/bin/pigz zcat

I chose lbzip2 instead of pbzip2 because the /usr/share/doc/lbzip2/README.gz looks "nicer" than /usr/share/doc/pbzip2/README.gz. Also, the tar manual talks about lbzip2.


pigz-2.1.6, which is included in Precise Pangolin, refuses to decompress files with unknown suffixes (e.g. initramfs-*.img). This is fixed in pigz-2.2.4, which ships with Quantal. So you might want to wait until Quantal, install the Quantal package manually, or don't link gunzip/gzcat/zcat yet.

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