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I've heard cases of people who had problems with ecryptfs-encrypted $HOME when upgrading their Ubuntu versions. Is there any truth in that, and if yes how to upgrade without problems?

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The known upgrade issues with Encrypted Home were fixed by the 10.04 LTS release several years ago.

Ubuntu 9.04 and 8.10 put the encrypted data in /var/lib/.ecryptfs, which was, perhaps, an acceptable place to put this data, per the FHS. However, there were a few users who took care to partition their hard drive with /home on a partition of its own, and then chose to encrypt their home directory. Some of these users proceeded to reinstall (rather than upgrade), and expected their /home partition to persist their encrypted data. Sadly, that data was actually located in /var/lib, and it got wiped.

I published a migration rune here.

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