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I installed versions 2.6.38~10 and 2.6.38~11 of the Linux kernel via apt-get and unfortunately neither one boots at all. As soon as I select the kernel in GRUB, the kernel panics and the CAPS LOCK key flashes. The latest version of the kernel that I have that boots is 2.6.38~8.

I have tried editing the boot parameters by removing quiet and splash but that does absolutely nothing.

What options do I have for debugging the kernel and finding out what is malfunctioning?

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I had something similar to your case. Try the following:

  1. Boot 2.6.38~11 with recovery mode.

  2. From the recovery menu, choose "drop to shell with i-net access" (or something similar)

  3. type in the terminal: telinit 3 to switch to runlevel 3

  4. Enter your username, Enter password

  5. Type: sudo service gdm stop to close the x server.

  6. Type: sudo nvidia-installer -f --update ; this will download the latest driver and reinstall it.

  7. That's it, type sudo service gdm start and you have your desktop back.

At point 6 you don't really need to reinstall the driver. All you need is to build the module for your current kernel version, but i couldn't figured it out how to do it.

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