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There are several related questions, but I found none that really answered this detail:

Where is the reference to the current icon theme stored?

Since the icon theme can be changed, hence so too the path to its folder, it must be stored somewhere. I'm making an application and I want it to draw its own icons from the icon theme currently in use. I've seen answers showing how to retrieve the path using Python and Gtk, but I am using PyQt and would like to avoid importing Gtk as well.

Is there a configuration file somewhere holding the current icon theme's name or path? Or do you know a PyQt means to do that?

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A reference to the current icon theme can be found in gconf-editor at:

desktop > gnome > interface > icon_theme

enter image description here

You can alternatively read directly ~/.gconf/desktop/gnome/interface$ cat %gconf.xml file.

Unfortunately, this does not provide a path to the relevant icon theme. I'll check how this setting relates to the path and i'll let you know ;-)

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