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I installed Ubuntu 11.04 (Command Line System via Alternate CD) then packages I need including ubuntu-desktop --no-install-recommends. I find that I can't tile windows side by side by dragging a window to the side anymore. I guess I'm missing a package?

UPDATE: I am Ubuntu Classic so not using Unity

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You might be missing compizconfig-settings-manager if you use Unity/Compiz.

And then have a look at the snap plugin.

  • Snap Type Here you can define what types of snapping are available.

    • Checking Edge Resistance makes windows snap to edges and you must move the mouse further before they un-snap

    • Checking Edge Attraction makes windows snap to edges as you get close to them

  • Edges allows you to define what is an edge

    • Checking Screen Edges makes windows snap to the edges of your screen

    • Checking Window Edges makes windows snap to the edges of other windows

  • The value Edge Resistance Distance defines how many pixels space you must move your mouse before the window un-snaps

  • The value Edge Attraction Distance defines how many pixels space windows must be next to each other before they snap.

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