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I'm new here, and I'm not very good at tech.... So help me here.
The drivers I downloaded from Nvidia's website won't install, even after I boot into TERMINAL ONLY.

sudo gdm stop

It doesn't do anything, but only says

could not recognize name; bailing out

or something like that.
After I run the driver file, it says I need to remove XServer

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GT540M is an NVIDIA Optimus card. Those do not work by default. See also Is a NVIDIA GeForce with Optimus Technology supported by Ubuntu?

Now, you shouldn't have installed the drivers from nVidia's website. If you're using a new installation, I recommend doing a clean install. Otherwise, jump into a terminal and run the below command to uninstall the nvidia driver:

sudo sh NVIDIA* --uninstall

(NVIDIA* is actually NVIDIA-Linux-x86*

To make use of your nvidia card, you could use Bumblebee. Within a few days, a new stable release should be available. Please do not install it from mj-casalogic/bumblebee PPA as it can break your system.

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