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I have recently installed Avant Windows navigator for openbox and when I go to other gui interfaces like Ubuntu Classic or Ubuntu it also starts so I uninstalled everything I installed to make it work in openbox

sudo apt-get autoremove tint2 lxterminal xcompmgr nitrogen guake
sudo apt-get autoremove openbox obconf libobparser21 openbox-xdgmenu openbox-themes
libobrender21 obmenu lxappearance-obconf lxappearance lxterminal

then went in to Ubuntu software center and uninstalled avant window navigator. Still the stubborn app keeps booting when i restart my system. Since I have done this the system is very unstable. I'm running Ubuntu 11.04 32 bit if that helps. Thanks in advance .

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Hmmm... Strange, maybe you'd installed it two times, one through USC and other through a downloaded .deb package, if so it's needed to find the other AWN you installed and uninstall it. But probably, you didn't do that, so what to do? Try typing in the terminal:

sudo apt-get install aptitude
sudo aptitude purge avant-window-navigator
sudo apt-get -f avant-window-navigator
sudo apt-get autoremove avant-window-navigator

All these commands should fix your problem, but if not the last thing you can try is to search for awn or avant-window-navigator under Nautilus and when find any file related to AWN you delete it.

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