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I am using 11.04 Natty and Firefox 5. Video card is ATI Radeon HD 4670 and I am using the newest proprietary driver downloaded from ATI website.

Some Flash apps, such as embedded youtube vids and a couple of other apps, are displayed incorrectly (i think with real embed instead of the new iframe embed). What happens is as a portion of the flash moves around, parts of it keeps blanking out. For the embedded youtube vid, it greys out. Some other apps turns transparent, showing the webpage's background.

portions of the progress bar, and the fade in Youtube logo greys out

The same flash apps runs perfectly fine for Google Chromium on the same computer. I have another computer with 10.10 Maverick, Firefox 5 and nVidia card and driver, and it they also run fine.

So, anyone has an idea of what is causing the problem?

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Try Flash-Aid, it's a Firefox add-on that detects the system and selects the appropriate Flash player for you, remove conflicting plugins and apply some tweaks to increase performance a fix common issues.

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