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So I'm trying to install this script

I do

  1. copy the folder in ~/Documents/icambridge-get-sh1t-done-1222b6b

  2. change .bashrc (the one in the user directory, is that the right one?) by
    adding a line PATH=:~/Documents/icambridge-get-sh1t-done-1222b6b”${PATH}”

  3. set the files in icambridge-get-sh1t-done-1222b6b as execs using sudo chmod +x

  4. type sudo ./get-sh1t-done and i get: /usr/bin/env: php: No such file or directory

What is the problem?

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As Lekensteyn pointed out in the comment above, you should export the PATH in the .bashrc in the user's home directory like so:


Then run source ~/.bashrc or restart your terminal for it to take effect.

Running the command like sudo ./get-sh1t-done will only work if you are in the same directory as the file. Once you've correctly exported the PATH, you can simply run it as sudo get-sh1t-done

The error /usr/bin/env: php: No such file or directory is telling you that you need to install PHP. You can install it with:

sudo apt-get install php5-cli

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