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I want to create an Ubuntu desktop app, specifically to replace Gwibber.

I can code in Java, Python and a few other technologies. Adobe Flex would have been an option until Adobe decided to suck some more and stopped support for AIR on Linux.

Note - I don't care about supporting other OS's. It will be a personal Ubuntu specific app. It can I open-source, I don't mind extra help.

It should integrate seamlessly with Ubuntu, notifications and all.

I guess Python it is, is that correct? How do I get started?

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Yeah Python is probably your best starting point, if you're comfortable with it (who isn't?).

I'd take a look at Quickly. It's there to get "opportunistic" developers writing something as soon as they possibly can. As such it lays a lot of the groundwork for you, as well as giving you a good basis for getting it packaged and on Launchpad for release.

sudo apt-get install quickly quickly-ubuntu-template
cd ~/Desktop # optional
quickly tutorial ubuntu-application

But that'll get you started. I would really recommend going through the tutorial but the main steps are:

quickly create ubuntu-application myapp
cd myapp
quickly edit # opens in gedit
quickly design # glade UI designer
quickly run # run it
quickly package # package it
quickly release # push it all to launchpad (you'll need to do some setup)

I think you'll agree, this makes it disgustingly quick to write, design, test and publish an application.

There are other templates available too for other uses (CLI apps, etc).

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