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If I try to set this option for a file on an external drive it just unmarks itself. Doing chmod +x has no effect. The drive is mounted with default options.

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Your external disk is likely formatted NTFS or FAT32. Those filesystems do no support Linux file permissions.

You've now at least five options:

  • Just copy it to the desktop (or your Home folder) and set the permissions on that file.

  • Backup the data on it and reformat the drive to the ext4 filesystem. This can be done using the Disk Utility or GParted

  • Execute the file with a program, open a terminal and run:

    • for Bash scripts: bash /path/to/your/file.sh

    • for Python scripts: python /path/to/your/file.py

    • for Perl scripts: perl /path/to/your/file.pl

    • for windows executables: wine /path/to/your/file.exe

    • for 32-bit binaries: /lib/ld-linux.so.2 /path/to/your/file

    • for 64-bit binaries: /lib/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2 /path/to/your/file

  • Copy the file to your computer (e.g. home folder), set the execute bit on it and run it. (this cannot be done for all files)

  • (possibly dangerous) Mount the partition with the execute bit set for all files. To do so, follow these instructions:

    1. Mount the partition (by opening it in a file browser for example)

    2. Open a terminal and run:

      sudo mount -o remount,fmask=027 /media/YOURDRIVE

      If you cannot write / access files, run the command with ,uid=$(id -u) after fmask=022:

      sudo mount -o remount,fmask=027,id=$(id -u) /media/YOURDRIVE

    "Possibly dangerous" because you grant execute permissions to all files, only use this option if the other methods do not work.

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