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Can wine as a whole or the windows applications installed via wine pose some kind of risk to an Ubuntu installation? This question arose in my mind when I read this answer to my earlier question Accessing IE only sites:

Try installing PlayonLinux from and install IE via
PlayonLinux. and use IE only for those
pesky sites :) - Received 1 downvote

And enjoying the risks of IE? No
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I believe this PlayOnLinux works as a frontend to wine making installing tasks easier.

In totality, I want to know if it is safe to install Internet connecting applications like IE via Wine? Is there any remote possibility of being subject to more online attacks and virus threats this route. I plan to use IE only for browsing websites not accessible with other browsers, like the one in earlier question.

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Wine is just a compatibility layer, programs run in it have the same privileges as the logged in user.

From their FAQ:

7.5. How good is Wine at sandboxing Windows apps?

Wine does not sandbox in any way at all. When run under Wine, a Windows app can do anything your user can. Wine does not (and cannot) stop a Windows app directly making native syscalls, messing with your files, altering your startup scripts, or doing other nasty things.

Also read 7.4, especially:

  1. Never run executables from sites you don't trust. Infections have already happened.

Wine has to possibility to share your documents (or even your home directory or /) with the application. Even if programs are not malicious, it could still put junk on your system, like desktop.ini (controls the view of folders in Explorer).

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