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I remember a few years ago seeing an application for Fedora that allowed you to manage multiple mice or keyboards as separate input devices (based on multipointerx technology).

With this application you were able to tell the system to use two pointers (for example if you have a mouse and a touchpad), and to handle them as separate devices instead of having the same settings (I think) for each.

Unfortunately this program never did compile/work for me when I tried it, and I do not remember the name (nor have I been able to find it since then).

Does anyone know what I'm referring to, or know of a program that does this?

P.S. (I know how to use the xinput command already, so I don't want a commandline application as a suggestion).

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9.04 only

Roland, regarding your query Its was very much possible using a tool called


I used it myself on 9.04

You can see it in action

Sadly, the links are broken

This has been taken from

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