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As it says on the tin really. I would like to send some of my etc files to a colleague and it would be handy to cat them to a new Thunderbird email message.

Is this possible? If so how?

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Give this a try, it's working fine for me:

cat /etc/[file1] /etc/[file2] /etc/[file3] > ~/configs.txt && thunderbird -compose "subject='test',attachment='~/configs.txt'"

or (a revised command which will also print each filename):

for file in /etc/[file1] /etc/[file2] ; do echo -e '
****' $file '****
' >> ~/configs.txt ; cat $file >> ~/configs.txt ; done && thunderbird -compose "subject='test',attachment='~/configs.txt'"

Just replace the [fileX] names with the ones you're interested.

The above command will create a new file named configs.txt with all of the config files you want and add it as an attachment to a new 'compose mail' window in TB.

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