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I just found out that images can have more than 20KB of EXIF data. Not really an issue with 2MB files, but if you have small thumbnails this really adds up. I use mogrify often to resize, and I can use mogrify -strip to remove the EXIF data. However, if I use Nautilus Image Converter there is no way to strip this data. Is there something in the configuration I can set so it always automatically adds the -strip flag to the command?

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I downloaded the code for Nautilus Image Converter and been through it configuration file and I dont think that this is possible from configuration file. But, if you open nautilus-image-resizer.c and take a look at line 320, you will see the following code:

gchar *argv[6];
argv[0] = "/usr/bin/convert";
argv[1] = filename;
argv[2] = "-resize";
argv[3] = priv->size;
argv[4] = new_filename;
argv[5] = NULL;

as you see, this is where the arguments for Imagemagick convert utility are being created. I think if you change this to following, it should solve your problem:

gchar *argv[6];
argv[0] = "/usr/bin/convert";
argv[1] = filename;
argv[2] = "-resize";
argv[3] = priv->size;
argv[4] = "-strip"
argv[5] = new_filename;

DISCLAIMER: I havent tried this. This answer is solely based on my limited understanding of the Nautilus Image Converter code. So I would recommend to backup your images before using the modified version.

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