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I have apt-get on host machine. I do not have root, thus not able to update it, or install other packages.

I want to download .deb packages with it, but neither

apt-get -d bash

(Invalid operation bash)


apt-get -d install bash

(do not have root)


On my home machine with a newer version of apt-get I can

apt-get download bash

and it does exactly what I want it to.

How can I perform the same on the host machine?

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The command apt-get download wasn't added until version 0.8.11 of apt. It was first available in Ubuntu 11.04 (which uses apt I'm not sure what you're running as AFAICT no supported version of Ubuntu contains version of apt. You should really have the system administrator upgrade the machine. (I know, not very helpful.)

It's not clear from your question whether or not you have access to a graphical environment. If you do, your best bet would be to grab the files from

This is also possible from the command line as there are predictable urls. For instance:


You can find the correct version and whether the package is in main or universe by using apt-cache policy.

This is of course scriptable. Here's a quick one:

#! /bin/bash
URI=`apt-cache show $PACKAGE | grep "Filename:" | cut -f 2 -d " "`

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