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I use Gnome Do as a launcher for most things. I have it set to run on login and for most of the time it sits in the background waiting for me to mash a keyboard shortcut. About once a week, it falls over. I mash my shortcut and nothing happens. I have to re-launch it.

It's not amazingly annoying but I would like to know if there are any good ways to make sure desktop applications keep running forever. If they die, they get re-launched (perhaps with a crash timeout so if it crashes on load, it doesn't keep trying to run it over and over and over again).

I know some applications do this. On Gnome2, if gnome-panel isn't running, the system forces it to load. Is there a simple way of tapping into this logic (of course, without breaking Gnome).

I don't want this question to be too specific to Gnome Do or even Gnome because I have more than one application for a solution (I run Boxee on an OpenBox desktop on our media centre) and I'm sure other people all have their own issues they'd like to fix through something like this.

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Another not so elegant solution:



while true; do
start=$(date +%s)
stop=$(date +%s)
if [[ ret_val -eq 0 ]]; then
# normal exit, quit
exit 0
# abnormal exit, check runtime. if < threshold quit
runtime=$((stop - start))
if [[ runtime -lt $threshold ]]; then
echo "crash on start"
exit 1

This will restart, if the program (first argument) exits with a return code != 0 and ran at least threshold seconds.

I tried to create an Upstart job using the respawn and respawn limit options, but that somehow failed.

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