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I have done a clean Natty install having bought a new SSD and find that in applications (ahem) such as Minecraft, and in the default web browser Firefox, the mouse scrolls too far .

So for example in Minecraft the mouse wheel jumps multiple items rather than one with each mouse wheel roll. With Firefox the page leaps quite a distance with each mouse wheel roll.

Any ideas where I might adjust this?

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I found this project which aims to fix this problem, without having to unplug and replug the hardware:

This package, resetmsmice, fixes scroll wheel issues with certain
Wireless Microsoft mice in (includes KDE & Gnome applications),
where the vertical wheel scrolls abnormally fast. Only needed if you
dual boot between Microsoft Windows and some linux distro. Known to
fix the vertical scroll wheel issue with the following models (and others related):

  • Microsoft Wireless Mouse 1000

  • Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 3000

  • Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500

  • Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000

  • Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500

  • Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000

This program basically just resets a setting in the mouse through usb communications and then exits. Runs when linux boots up or you can run it manually.

The project provides packages for Debian and RPM

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