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I have a bat file that I want to be able to call from everywhere, by simply calling it's name. In windows I simply had to add the folder where the .bat file is located, to the windows PATH. I have no idea how to do this in Ubuntu though. I'm guessing there's something similar..

Can someone explain how to do this.

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if you want to shortcut the program, and leave it where it is you can either use sym. links or the alias command.

(note this assumes you've made it executable, chmod +x [script file])

sym links allow you to create a shortcut that behaves like the file in question.

sudo ln -s [script start-up file] /usr/bin/[name]

despite being in /usr/bin it will start in the directory you call it from.

alias allows you to give an name to a command, or series of piped commans, that you use regually, for example its fairly common to have the update/upgrade commands combined into a single, alias'd, one.

alias [name]="sh /path/to/script/[file name]"

assuming that your script runs with sh, (this could also be bash, for more complex tasks there is a difference).

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