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I'm about to move all of my music into another folder called Music, and I've spent a lot of time organizing the metadata of it. When I move the music into another folder, will my custom metadata be lost?

I'm running Banshee 2.0.1 on Ubuntu Lucid.

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I have moved my Music from one system to another and I have also moved from one LVM to another LVM.

One move I completed was an scp from my laptop (Ubuntu) to my desktop (Windows) and all the information including the metadata of each of my songs were great.

I then did another copy from LVM volume to another LVM volume using the following command:

sudo cp -a ./Music/* /mnt/tmpMusic/

I am using that new copied Music folder for Banshee as we speak with no metadata problems.

Before you move all your music from one folder to another, just do a small test for one song move to a new directory. Once the song has been moved, import it back into Banshee to verify that the metadata is not harmed. Example below:

sudo cp -a /path/to/current/song.mp3 /new/path/to/song.mp3

Hope this helps.

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