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I am using 10.10 and I would like to set up Hot Corners. Can I do this with Compiz? How? I tried Ubuntu Tweak but it did not let me choose a specific application to run on Hot Corners (it only show windows/workspaces etc.).

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  • Install CompizConfig Settings Manager (ccsm) from the software centre or by issuing command
    sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

  • Launch ccsm

  • Assign regular actions to corners by editing it's bindings. For example to show and pick from all windows of a current workspace:
    Corner binding for window picker

  • To assign custom action to corner search for the 'commands' plugin.
    Enable it. In the options for that plugin, you get several lines
    where you can enter commands, and then in the 'edge bindings' tab,
    you can set hot corners that will run that command.
    enter image description here
    For instance, you want to launch Firefox by pointing in the top right
    corner. Enter 'firefox' in 'Command line x', then in 'edge bindings',
    click on the button marked 'none' for that command, and enable the
    relevant corner.

  • NOTE: 'Button bindings' is also useful, giving you the option to run the
    command by going to a corner and clicking with the mouse.

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