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I just installed Natty from scratch with default options and English UI. I did not change any font settings.

I happen to also read Japanese, it mostly displays fine but the 社 character (meaning "company", a widely-used character) is sometimes displayed using its archaic form, which can not be seen anymore except in temples and old places.

So why use it in Ubuntu? I guess it is a bug with this font? How to fix it?

See below, green-circled is good, red-circled is bad:
Natty old kanji


  • Only Firefox and Libre Office seem to display the character properly.

  • This character used to show fine on older Ubuntus, but on the contrary the "直" had the same problem at that time, and it is solved now.

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Fire up terminal by

Ctrl + Alt + T

Install ttf-vlgothic by

 sudo apt-get install ttf-vlgothic

Logout and log back in if you need.

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