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I've never supported Apple in any way, but I like their hardware. As I've just purchased and got working a nice Apple wireless keyboard (bought second-hand!), I'm curious about the possibility of buying a second-hand MacBook and installing Ubuntu on it.

What, of what's important, isn't working? Notably, I do Flash Player development from time to time, so I do at the very least need to get a 32-bit debug player installed. (I usually run 64-bit, so I'm familiar with having to tweak things to get it all working properly) I'd also need to be able to play DVDs with CSS, run Google Chrome, etc. Is it fairly similar in capabilities as a non-Apple computer as far as what I can use? It seems that there's a different architecture used, namely PowerPC, and I don't know what this means to me as an end-user.

Can anyone recommend me for or against installing Ubuntu on MacBookPro?

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It can be done. I'd take a look at the Apple Users sub-forum on for in-depth details.

These are also two good starting points for info: 1, 2.

Also check out which model MacBook it would be. For example I have a crappy plastic one that's a couple of years old. Runs like a trooper. It's designated '5,2'. The model type will be important in determining what needs to be done to get things working.


  • Lovely hardware.

  • Flexibility of GNU/Linux.


  • Things like special function keys won't work out-of-the-box.

  • Battery life will be significantly lower [citation needed].

  • A generally less integrated experience (e.g. I notice that Thunderbolt and WLAN aren't working yet with Natty and the latest offering of MacBook Pros).

  • Hibernate and suspend tend to be a bit iffy.

  • You're getting rid of what is, in my opinion, a pretty good OS. If you need the *nix aspect of Linux it's all there. If you want something like the repository system you have options available too.

My idea would be to set-up a dual-boot environment.

Unless you're considering buying a very old Mac notebook, you needn't worry about the PowerPC architecture.

Playing DVDs is easily done. I've never had much fun with 64-bit Flash. Google Chrome arguably works better in Ubuntu.

Hope this helps.

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