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I am going to install Xubuntu 22.04 on one of my computers and i have a question about firewall.

As i understand Ubuntu use NFTables now.

I have noticed some information about Debian (which is base for Ubuntu) using NFTables now. And Debian wiki says

If you want to enable a default
firewall in Debian, follow these steps...
# aptitude install nftables
# systemctl enable nftables.service

So i wonder now, should i at first install and enable ntfstables and only after that to enable (g)ufw? It seems logical, but i also have read in ArchWiki that

Start and enable ufw.service to make it available at boot. Note that
this will not work if iptables.service is also enabled (and same for
its ipv6 counterpart).

I guess that this rule can also be applied to Ubuntu and NFTables..? And on Arch Reddit we can read:

UFW, being a frontend wrapper, will require the nftables package to be
installed and the service to be
. Simply, it will use IPTables or NFTables
depending on which is configured and in use. Edit: Only UFW service
need be enabled to avoid conflict

So, in short, i have the following questions:

  1. should i install NFTables?

  2. Should i enable it as a service (and configure)?

  3. Or just using GUFW is enough? Because it somehow automatically uses NFTables?

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After some research and discussion i have come to the following conclusion about nftables and (g)ufw. So, if you want to use (g)ufw:

should i install NFTables?

No, it is not needed. But the package itself probably won't lead to conflicts

Should i enable it as a service (and configure)?

No, it will lead to the conflict with g(ufw) serivce

Or just using GUFW is enough? Because it somehow automatically uses

Yes, and yes.

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