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I got an Acer Aspire 5 with 8 GB RAM and 1 TB hard disk drive, and I need some advice of how to part my memory, today running Fedora and Windows on dual boot. I bought a 250 GB Samsung EVO 970 SSD to install Ubuntu and stop using Fedora (didn't get used to it).

What I have in mind:

  • Keeping at least 500 GB for Windows, because I need to use Adobe programs on it, I am not used to Gimp or Inkscape yet. And run Visual Studio once in a while for little projects. As my laptop is not a powerhouse I am forced to use Windows as a host.

  • The SSD will be used only for Ubuntu, but I would like to use half of the hard disk drive to keep bigger files and such.

  • If possible I'd like to use the hard disk drive as the home partition and easily access it.

Could you help me? I'd love to see real numbers of how would you make you partitions, e.g. 90 GB for root, 150 GB for home, 4 GB for swap, etc.

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I would suggest the following setup for a single user desktop:


  • 1a. Windows. Whole disk -/- 25 GB.

  • 2a. Ubuntu. 25 GB. 20 GB for / and 5 GB for /home/


  • 1b. partition ext4 for native Ubuntu. Size ... whatever you can spare from the NTFS.

  • 2b. partition NTFS for both Windows and Ubuntu file sharing.

This setup benefits the most of the speed of the SSD (holds all system related files) and the reliability of a HDD (holds all personal files).

Regarding 2a: 5 GB /home is enough to hold all configurations. There is a file in ./config/ called users-dirs.dirs where you can change where the user directories can be found. Simply point them to 1b. Having a separate /home/ allows for reinstalling / whilst keeping your personal configurations.

Reinstalling can be done by formatting the SSD (the whole disk for all operating systems or just the one you want to reinstall) and mounting the data partitions.

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