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I am trying to configure the 22.04 (Gnome 42) keyboard shortcut to get the "old" functionality of taking screenshots of area selections and pasting them into clipboard (Ctrl-Shft-PrtScr + select/release: done). The problem is that $ gnome-screenshot -ac doesn't copy the selection into clipboard unless there is an instance of gnome-screenshot utility running. Does anyone know how to work around this issue? (I know it is possible to run the "new" interactive screenshot tool, but that takes too many clicks and is not what I want.)

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The -c command to copy the screenshot to the clipboard has a weird bug that doesn't copy the image when using -a to grab a selection.

A way to fix this is to make the command save the screenshot by adding --file={/filepath/filename.png} after the -a -c.

The command all together is gnome-screenshot -a -c --file={/filepath/filename.png}.

I don't know why this fixes the bug but it definitely works so you can try that.

Hope this is what you wanted @Iiro Ullin. Good luck!

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