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Does Ubuntu update software packages like KeePassXC in LTS versions or does LTS mean I keep the version that was current when the LTS was released?

I installed KeePassXC on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. I don't recall now what version of KeePassXC it was when I first installed it, but as of today it's 2.3.1. The most up-to-date version is now 2.4.1. I understand I can get updates by Snap and PPA, but I'm curious if a normal Ubuntu software update will eventually update KeePassXC or whether it remains static throughout the LTS period.

Edited to add: I understand now from the responses that the software packages were frozen to the time of release and that normally they will remain static and not be updated with the normal "Check for software updates." Does this static approach hold true for "apt-get"-type approaches, or can I get updates that way, eventually? I note from the source code link that KeePassXC 2.3.1 is still the source, but don't understand if I can "force" an update outside of Snap or PPA.

Further edited as possible duplicate: The basic question was essentially a duplicate, but my first edit took it further - "as the repositories change, can I then "apt-get" an updated version. It appears the answer is "no, not safely."

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Unfortunately, Ubuntu does not always provide the latest version of a software. And the latest version of the software provided depends on the Ubuntu version you are using. This is for stability of each specific Ubuntu version. One exception may be the web browser (e.g. Firefox) since it is critical from security point of view.

In your case you can look at the following:

A more detailed explanation was given in a similar Ask Ubuntu question.

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