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I'd like to be able to launch some web apps from the launcher, and wish that they'd run in their own independent windows.

Ideally, they'd be using firefox to do so.

How can I do this?

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Chromium based browsers have a web app functionality build in. The easiest approach would be to install Chromium and create web apps there.

Linux Mint webapp manager

The people over at Linux Mint developed the tool Webapp manager. It provides an easy interface to turn a website into a webapp. When using Chromium based browsers, it uses the native functionality of the browser. For Firefox, it achieves the effect by creating dedicated firefox profiles.

The .deb installation file is installable on Ubuntu, including 22.04. Install it with a command like

sudo apt install ~/Downloads/webapp-manager_1.1.9_all.deb 

assuming you downloaded the file webapp-manager_1.1.9_all.deb in your "Downloads" directory.


Somewhat more difficult to get started with for newer linux users, nativefier creates something that really feels as a stand alone app, based on electron and using a chromium web engine.

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